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Genuine Power Twist V-Nails

Twist V-Nails at Piel & Associates provide a revolutionary solution for picture framing. These innovative fasteners offer unmatched versatility, allowing for precise and secure framing in various projects. Whether you’re framing artworks, photographs, or certificates, twist V-Nails ensure a professional finish every time.

Medium/Hard Wood Power-Twist V-Nails (HPT) (MW/HW)

1005HPT5mm for medium/hard wood (5,000/box)$48.40/box
1007HPT7mm for medium/hard wood (4,000/box)$31.66/box
1010HPT10mm for medium/hard wood (3,000/box)$25.90/box
1012HPT12mm for medium/hard wood (3,000/box)$28.84/box
1015HPT15mm for medium/hard wood (2,000/box)$20.61/box

Soft Wood Power-Twist V-Nails (SPT) (SW)

1005SPT5mm for soft wood
1007SPT7mm for soft wood (4,000/box)$31.66/box
1010SPT10mm for soft wood (3,000/box)$25.90/box
1012SPT12mm for soft wood (3,000/box)$28.84/box
1015SPT15mm for soft wood (2,000/box)$20.61/box

Hard Fiberboard Power-Twist V-Nails (HDF) (MDF)

1007HDF7mm for fiberboard (3,200/box)$31.06/box
1010HDF10mm for fiberboard (2,400/box)$25.41/box
1012HDF12mm for fiberboard (2,400/box)$28.28/box
1015HDF15mm for fiberboard (1,600/box)$20.20/box

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