Nickell wood

Nickell Moulding Company

At Nickell, ‘custom’ means truly custom — If you need raw profiles or highly complex multi-step finishes, Nickell can provide them all. 

Whether from a sample, a photo or a sketch, they can faithfully reproduce the exact profile, substrate and finish. 

They are experts at foils and wraps, and offer a complete finishing department that features both highly automated and hand finishing. 

You design it, they make it come to life!

Proud to be 100% American made!

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JJ Moulding

JJ Moulding

Established in 1993, JJ Moulding Inc. is a leading manufacturer, distributor and exporter of quality moulding and picture frames. They have the largest in-stock selection in the United States with fast shipping and excellent prices. Their polystyrene mouldings are manufactured in Korea, sourcing the best materials at the best possible prices to provide our customers with a cost effective, high quality product.

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