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ATG Tape.

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Standard ATG tape for matting and mounting artwork

½” x 60 yds

Poly Glue

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Specially formulated for plastic moulding, low odor. Forty five second set up time. Thick formula minimizes running.

Touch-Up Markers

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Wood stain markers ideal for touch-ups. Instantly touch up wood scratches.

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Framing Points

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08-950CFramMaster Stacked Framer Points3M per pkg
08-965CFlexiMaster Stacked Flexible Framer's Points10M per pkg
08-975CMultiMaster Multi Points3M per box
08-985CPneumatic FrameMaster Points12M per box
08-995CPneumatic FlexiMaster Points12M per box
08-980CGlazierMaster Stacked Glazier Points5M per box


Picture Perfect Hanging System

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Safely hangs framed artwork, mirrors, shadow boxes and wall décor up to 100 lbs through the use of our patented No-Wire Hanging System. Used with wood, metal or plastic frames, wall décor remains level, safe, and permanently secure with enhanced wall appearance.

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The OOK Picture Hanging brand is dedicated to manufacturing products that will hang and exhibit artwork of all sizes, shapes, and values. They pride themselves on engineering and manufacturing the perfect hanging hardware solutions with the highest quality materials available. OOK is constantly developing new products to provide solutions to the ever-changing world of art and picture hanging.

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