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For over 40 years OMER has been producing pneumatic tools of unsurpassed technological and quality standards. A unique and unmistakable design, attention to detail, dedication to exceeding safety standards, use of the latest proven technologies, a strict adherence to quality control and time-tested durability are just some of the reasons as to why OMER tools are a first choice for the air powered industrial fastening applications.

Flextab Pneumatic Gun

Lightweight and reliable. Reduces the strain on your hand and the the impact on the frame compared to spring loaded tools..



Basic Model

Omer 53.4WR


Fitted with a wedge to consistently hold the tool at the same angle while driving tabs.



Has an extra air cylinder, to “bend down” the tab instead of using your thumb to flatten it out against the frame.



This automatic version with a “Rheostat” that lets you turn the speed up or down to match the application. It can drive hundreds per minute as long as you keep your finger depressed.