Fletcher is the leading manufacturer of table-top and wall mounted cutters, fasteners and drivers for picture framing as well as glazing applications

Multi-Material Cutters

NEW FSC Machine 2016 rev


This heavy-duty cutter is designed with an interchangeable cutting head platform that uses multiple cutting blades, scoring tips and cutting wheel holders.  This design ensures that this machine will never become obsolete, as Fletcher upgrades its blades to match new substrates as they enter the market.

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This versatile cutter features a spring-loaded cutting assembly with and interchangeable pillar post allowing you the convenience of quickly switching from one material to another.

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3000 MACHINE rev


This cutting unit features a three-position cutting turret for glass, acrylic and mat board.  Equipped with a patented score and break-out feature, this unit provides effortless and operator safe cutting every time.

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See our Supplies Page for cutting blades, wheels, holders, etc.


FrameMaster rev


  • Fires perfectly flat into frame
  • Precision firing, no jamming of double feeding
  • Spring-adjusted firing power to match wood density
  • Easy to load magazine
  • Uses Fletchers Framers Points #08-950C
FlexiMaster rev


  • Easy to load magazine
  • Spring-adjusted firing power to match wood density
  • Lightweight and full-grip trigger provides comfortable firing of points
  • Uses Fletcher Flexible Points #08-965
MultiMaster rev


  • Perfect for attaching multiple mouldings stacked or liner in the same frame
  • Easy to load magazine
  • Equipped with spring adjustment to adjust for wood density
  • Uses Fletcher Multipoints #08-975

Pneumatic FrameMaster & Fleximaster

  • Fires tight and flat to the surface providing superior holding power
  • No pull-back required; slide point driver along moulding for continued firing
  • Ergonomically designed trigger eliminates hand fatigue
  • Pneumatic FrameMaster uses Pneumatic FrameMaster Points #08-985C
  • Pneumatic FlexiMaster uses Pneumatic FlexiMaster Points #08-995C
GlazierGunPts rev


  • Fires perfectly flat into window frame
  • Precision firing, fires one point at a time
  • Tension adjustment allow you to tweak firing power
  • Easy to load magazine
  • Uses Stacked Glazier Points #08-980C
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See our Tabs Page for Framers Points and Glazier Points