AMP is an Italian based manufacturer of frame joining machinery, V-Nail fasteners and framing points.
Products sold under the AMP brand include frame joining machinery, double mitre saws, framing points and the company’s Power Twist™ V-Nail Technology.
The U-Series Product Line provides mitre joining solutions from manual entry level to fully automatic, multi-channel unit for high production output. Handles joining applications found for picture frames, canvas stretcher bars, mirrors, windows, door trim and exterior moulding trim. They are commonly referred to as Underpinners, Backnailers or Joining Machinery depending the industry sector.


U200 front background shotSiloFinal


  • Free Standing.
  • Ideal for retail framing shops – foot pedal actuated for V-nail insertion.
  • Light production usage.
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  • Semi-automatic. Bench top or free standing.
  • Operation looking for flexibility in joining multiple custom sized frames, pneumatic foot actuated for V-nail insertion.
  • Low Production Usage.
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U300PBack ApplctionPicFrame


  • Semi-automatic. Bench top or free standing.
  • Production joining with speed and repeatability for same sized moulding.
  • Up to 200 joined frames per hour*
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U300P FrntImageApplicationV
U400 MainImage


  • Semi-automatic. Bench top or free standing.
  • Suited for joining large frames up to 5 ½” (140mm) wide.  Uses a dual hand lever for V-nail positioning and actuation.
  • Low production Usage
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U 500 MainFrntImage


  • Production Joining
  • Joining operations requiring the use of a single sized v-nail for high production output.Memory programmed for frame profile recall
  • Up to 300 joined frames per hour*
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UP600 Tilt CoseUp


  • Production Joining
  • Joining operations requiring flexibility of multiple sized fasteners or a common mm size fro high production output. Memory programmed for frame profile recall.
  • Up to 300 joined frames per hour*
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*Hourly production rates are determined based on 3 positions per corner, single v-nail insertion per position. 8 x 10” frame size.


Mitre saw

t400 1


  • Comfortable two-handed push button operation
  • Fully adjustable mould clamping via push button/foot pedal operation
  • Adjustable blade descent speed for soft or hard wood requirements
  • Adjustable cutting speed
  • Adjustable blade height
  • Quick blade change
  • Quick read-out feed measurement and scale support
  • Dual measurement production stops
  • Solid feed-in support table
  • Directional off-cut chute for external waste collection
  • Adaptable with an Auto Gage production feature
  • Cutting Speed: Up to 800 cuts/hour
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T 400 overall shotV