Piel Associates got its start in the late 1970’s.

Al Piel was living in Stelle, IL where the residents decided on a couple of community businesses, including one which produced a product called ‘stellewood’.  This was a process of slicing Scandinavian plywood into picture frame moulding. Stelle Woodworking went bankrupt, and Al, who was now without a job, became an independent sales rep selling stellewood along with other products. This was the beginning of Piel Associates. While attending a trade show, Al met Marley Mouldings and began offering their products as well.

Over the next decade, Piel Associates added several lines, including Silvatrim (metallic plastic extrusions) and Stiles (wood moulding).  Along with Harry Carr, Al Piel started a new company called About Frames, primarily to fabricate frames from Marley Moulding which were sold to mirror and medicine cabinet manufacturers.

In the late 80’s Piel began selling picture frame specific machinery from Pistorius, and then became distributors for AMP in the mid 1990’s.

Bill Gould joined the company in 1990 and diversified the business to include window manufacturers, refrigeration (thermal breaks) and a variety of other industries.

In 2013, Bill was ready for retirement, and an industry associate, Sue Freudenthal added Piel Associates to her already well-established art materials business. Joined by Donna Bies in 2014, they continue to service both new and long time Piel customers throughout the US, providing sales and service on picture framing equipment, supplies, and all types of moulding from polystyrene to MDF to wood, and even custom materials.