Creative Ways to Use Custom Mats for Frames in Home Decor

Four Picture Frames

When it comes to home decor, picture-framing enthusiasts and makers know that every detail counts. One often overlooked yet impactful element is the custom mat for the frame. Custom mats not only enhance the visual appeal of artwork but also provide essential protection. In this article, we will explore creative ways to use custom mats in home decor, making your framed pieces stand out.

Enhancing Artwork with Colorful Mats

Custom mats offer a fantastic way to accentuate the colors in your artwork or room decor. By choosing a mat board that complements or contrasts with the colors in your piece, you can draw attention to specific features and create a cohesive look. For example, a bold, colorful mat can make a piece of black-and-white photography pop, while a subtle, neutral mat can allow a vibrant painting to shine without distraction.

Creating Depth with Double and Triple Mats

For those looking to add a layer of sophistication to their frames, double and triple mats are an excellent choice. Double mats involve layering two mat boards, with the top mat having a smaller opening than the bottom one, creating a border effect. Triple mats add even more depth and complexity, using three layers to create a striking visual effect. By varying the colors and widths of these layers, you can achieve a dramatic, three-dimensional appearance that enhances the artwork.

Protecting and Preserving Artwork

One of the practical benefits of using custom mats is the protection they offer. Mats create an air space between the artwork and the glass, preventing direct contact that could cause damage from moisture or sticking. Using acid-free mat boards is crucial for conservation purposes, as they prevent deterioration over time. Whether you are framing a valuable piece of art or a cherished family photograph, using high-quality, conservation-grade mats will ensure they remain in pristine condition.

Creating Themed Gallery Walls

A gallery wall is a creative and stylish way to display a collection of framed pieces. Custom mats can be used to unify the look of a gallery wall by coordinating the colors and styles of the mats with the room’s decor theme. Whether you are displaying family photos, art prints, or memorabilia, custom mats can tie the collection together, making each piece stand out while maintaining a harmonious overall appearance.

Die and Bevel cut mats

Custom mats for frames are a versatile tool in home decor, offering both aesthetic and protective benefits. You can enhance your artwork by choosing the right colors, layers, and shapes and create unique displays that reflect your style. Whether you are a picture frame enthusiast or a professional framer, custom mats are an essential component of a well-framed 


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