How to Choose the Right Replacement Easel Back for Your Picture Frame

Picture Frame

Picture frames aren’t just about preserving memories; they’re also about showcasing them in the best possible light. 

The Silent Support Act – Intro to Easel Backs

Easelbacks are the unsung heroes of framed photography. They provide the much-needed stability for vertical positioning sans wall-hanging, turning what could be a simple frame into a decorative piece. However, not all easelbacks are created equal. Some are adjustable, allowing for portrait and landscape displays, while others offer fixed rigidity for a singular position.

The ‘Behind-The-Scenes’ Crew – Types of Easel Backs

Piel Associates can supply easel backs for photo frames, wall décor, awards, certificates, and many other applications.  We can custom-make any size or shape easel or backing to meet your needs.  With many different types of paperboard and thicknesses, as well as various hardware that you might need for your project.

Drop-in easels and Doorback Easels 

A drop-in or doorback easel can be made from any stock material.  The style drop typically fits into the rabbet of your photo frame and a doorback typically is sized to cover the outside of your frame and has a door that hinges open for getting your picture in and out.

Picture Frame


We can apply pressure-sensitive adhesive to any easel back to apply directly to your substrate – great for minimalist looks, craft projects, or any item without a frame.

Picture Frame

There are generally three types of easel back materials you’ll encounter:

Cardboard Easel Backs: The simple, cheap, and disposable type often found on ready-made frames.

Black Easel Backs: These are more durable and typically found on better quality ready-made or custom frames.

MDF Easel Backs: Where size or weight is a factor these sturdy MDF easel backs will handle the job.

Picture Frames

Each type serves a purpose but choosing the right one depends on the frame’s size and weight.

Hangers & Turn buttons

We can supply attractive, sturdy backing boards for wall-mounted frames, with various hardware already installed!

Sawtooth hangers, or turn buttons, which hold the backing onto the frame itself – or both!

, How to Choose the Right Replacement Easel Back for Your Picture Frame, Piel Associates
Frame backing

When it comes to finding the perfect replacement easel back, precise measurement is key. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to measure:

  1. Lay the frame face down on a flat surface.
  2. Measure the height of the back opening (from the bottom to the top edge).
  3. Measure the width from side to side of the back opening.
  4. Note the depth of the slot where the easel back will fit.

Picking the Perfect Part

Now that you’ve got your measurements, it’s time to choose the right easel back. Consider these factors:

Material and Durability: Will it hold up the frame’s weight? 

Adjustability: Do you need the flexibility to display your frame in various orientations?

Aesthetic Compatibility: You want an easel back that complements your frame’s style, whether that’s minimalist or ornate.

Paying attention to these details ensures the replacement easel back is as functional as complementary to the framed piece.

Branding: Why not have your logo printed or embossed on the easel leg?

, How to Choose the Right Replacement Easel Back for Your Picture Frame, Piel Associates

A Comprehensive Solution

Selecting the right easel back for your project is crucial. With generations of experience, Piel Associates works with the industry leader in manufacturing easel backs, die-cut chipboard parts, and chipboard boxes. We supply velour, leatherette, and flat black easels in both stock and custom sizes. Contact us today for expert guidance and quality products that meet all your needs. Piel Associates offers a comprehensive range of framing supplies, including both standard and custom matting options, for traditional and digital art prints. With a large selection of high-quality matboards from Crescent Cardboard, they aim to meet all your wholesale matting needs.