Different Picture Frame Styles

Colorful picture frames

Nothing adds a touch of class to your home quite like a framed photograph. Whether it’s a family portrait, special memory, or treasured artwork, hanging the right frame around it can make all the difference. But with so many frames out there, how do you know which one is right for you? Here’s a few different styles to help you find the perfect frame for your piece.

Vintage Frames 

Vintage frame beside leaves

If you’re looking for a classic look that will never go out of style, then vintage frames are just what you need! These decorative frames feature ornate detailing and elegant curves that give them an air of nostalgia and sophistication. Gold-tone metal frames in particular are hugely popular; their intricate designs and polished finish bring an extra sparkle to any room. If this is the type of look that appeals to you, then consider investing in some vintage picture frames – they will never go out of fashion!  

Tabletop Frames

Modern frame on a cabinet

Tabletop frames enable easy showcase of photos, certificates, or artwork without having to drill into any walls. These frames are typically equipped with a resilient board construction that allows safe and stable display while taking up minimal space. The frames usually have effortless opening which makes it easy to slide in items, such as mat board backing for optimal presentation. Furthermore, these types of picture frames come in different sizes and colors, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Tabletop frames make excellent gifts for friends and family, perfect for displaying your favorite memories or award certificates without worrying about wall space or damage.

Floater Frames

A floating frame

Floater frames, also known as hover frames, are an increasingly popular way to display artwork and photographs. By hovering the frame slightly off the wall it creates an optical illusion that makes it look like the artwork or photograph is suspended in mid-air. This technique is simple yet eye-catching and has been adopted both by modern art galleries and enthusiastic home decorators alike. They come in various shapes, materials, and sizes so you can choose one that is appropriate for the piece of art or photograph you want to hang. Floating frames are perfect for creating a unique visual impact on your lobby walls or any area of your business that needs some sprucing up!

Shadow Box Frames

Shadow box frame with seashells

Shadow box frames are unique pieces of art and design. They are unlike traditional frames, in that they are three-dimensional. These deep set frames feature a space between the back of the frame and front glass that creates extra depth, allowing you to display tangible items inside the frame, like sports memorabilia, rather than simple photos or artwork as you would with traditional picture frames. By using special mounting techniques, it is possible to turn even small scale objects into fantastic displays that draw attention. They also come in different sizes depending on how much space you need for your display item. Shadowbox frames make for stunning pieces of decor and showcase your treasured memories with pride.

Golden picture frames

No matter what type of photos or artwork pieces you want to display in your home, there is sure to be the perfect picture frame style for it! From classic vintage designs and contemporary modern looks, there are plenty of options available for your next framing project. If you have any questions about what we offer from our frame manufacturers, feel free to contact us for more information!