Butt Joint Assembly Process – 90 Degree Joining


AMP has developed a market exclusive Butt Joint Assembly Method for joining together both interior and exterior trim sizes up to 1″ x 6″. The joining process consist of an AMP or Alfamacchine branded Underpinner Joining Machine equipped with a 90-degree Material Fencing System.

The material fencing consists of a Dual Position Arm, a Fixed Rear Fence with Magnetic Inserts, and three (3) different sized Spacer Blocks for Off-Set Joining.

A Double Hydraulic Clamping System is used for securing the trim moulding in place during the joining process.

Value of using our Backnailer Joining Machinery

  • Replaces common method of stapling and all production related issues
    • Improve the quality of your cased doors
    • Speed up the application of casing to your doors
    • Eliminate breakage in transporting your cased door

The Butt Joint Assembly System can be purchased separately with new machines or can be field installed on existing units.