Not Just For Picture Framing: The Versatility of Underpinners


From picture frames to furniture, there is a great deal of versatility in what you can do with an underpinner. An underpinner is a versatile tool used in woodworking and other projects that involve frame assembly. It is a simple device, usually consisting of two parts, which helps you create strong joints and construct frames with ease. It has many uses, from large construction projects to small hobbyist tasks. This blog post will explore the many uses for an underpinner and why it should be part of your toolbox.

Picture Framing 


One of the most common uses for an underpinner is framing pictures or art. When making a frame, you have to join moulding together to make a corner with v nails. An underpinner does this quickly and easily and even helps to clamp down on the wood so that it doesn’t move during the process. This allows you to complete your project quickly and with professional results. Underpinners come in various sizes depending on the size of the frame you are making. You can even get a  pneumatic underpinner, which is faster, more powerful, and requires less effort than its manual counterpart. This is because it uses compressed air to fire the nail into place quickly and efficiently. The pneumatic underpinner also has adjustable settings for different nail sizes, making it suitable for a variety of projects. Plus, the air compressor and hoses can be easily stored away when not in use. This can be great for high production use for businesses that produce a large volume of picture frames. 

Furniture Making 

Framed table and chair

Another common use for an underpinner is furniture making. Whether you are creating something as simple as a coffee table or as complex as a bedroom set, an underpinner can help you make sure that all joints are secure and tight-fitting. Using an underpinner drastically improves the quality of any furniture piece by providing added strength to joints, such as mitered corners. By driving nails through two adjacent pieces of wood, an underpinner creates a connection with more holding power compared to standard glue alone. Additionally, using an underpinner prevents unsightly gaps from forming between wood pieces due to seasonal changes in humidity levels. As such, the use of an underpinner is essential for producing robust and high-quality furniture pieces.

Woodworking Projects 

Saw and wood

Underpinners are a versatile and essential tool in any woodworking shop. They are commonly used for all sorts of projects, from building intricate cabinetry to creating custom furniture. Underpinners are also popular for elaborately detailed moldings and trim. One of the most popular applications for this tool is to create door and window frames with no gaps between the frame and the wall, a process which helps preserve the integrity of the woodwork. With their quick setup time and high precision level, underpinners remain an irreplaceable tool in many woodworking shops today. The versatility of this tool allows it to be used on any type of project where two pieces need to be joined securely together at the corner joint – whether that joint is visible or hidden from view when finished. 

Wood on a workbench

Whether you’re tackling a construction project like building furniture or finishing up a picture frame for your home office, an underpinner should always be part of your toolbox! Its versatility allows it to be used in numerous applications and its ease-of-use makes it quick and easy to use even if you have limited experience working with wood joinery tools. With an underpinner at hand, any project can turn out with professional results! If you’re in need of an underpinner, feel free to contact us with any questions or to request a quote.