Differences in Vnail Grind Types

Did you ever wonder about the different types of V-nails?


You might have to use a microscope to see the difference, but….

SPT or Softwood nails are sharpened on the inside edge only, also they have a sharper angle grind to “cut” thru rather than push.

Softwoods such as poplar, pine and cedar generally have a more open grain and require a sharper v-nail to join the molding.

You would also use softwood v-nails for plastic/polystyrene frame molding.


HPT or Hardwood v-nails are sharpened on both edges to counter the resistance of such woods.

Hardwood nails have a blunter grind as well.

Hardwoods such as oak, ash, hickory, cherry, maple, and walnut have a tighter grain and require a blunt v-nail to join the molding.


MDF nails are slightly thicker than the hard or soft to “push” into and push aside the Fiberboard particles


vNail Grind Types

AMP Color Identification Chart for V-Nail Types

SW (Transparent)

MW/HW (Green)

HDF (Red)

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