6 Best Picture Frame Joiners For Perfect Frames

Picture Frame Joiners

What if joining picture frames could be easier than ever before? Forget driving nails into the side of the frame. What you really need are good picture frame joiners that help you master the art of V-nailing, which makes joining frames quicker than you can imagine.

Wondering which picture frame corner joiners are best? Keep reading to discover our top recommendations for creating frames that are their own work of art.

1: U200

Unlike some of the other picture frame joiners on this list, the U200 is completely freestanding. And it is best if you only need light production of picture frames. For example, if you are an individual artist or small studio.

We love that this comes with a foot pedal to insert the V-nail. It makes operating the device much more convenient.

2: U300

The U300 is the next step up when it comes to picture frame joiner design. And it offers more options: you can use this semi-automatic joiner in a freestanding mode or a benchtop mode.

While it’s still better for low production rather than heavy production, this joiner can help you produce more frames than the U200 in a shorter amount of time. And the pneumatic foot actuator makes operating the U300 seamless for just about everybody.

3: U300P

Who needs the U300P? Someone who has a “need for speed.”

That’s because this upgraded version of the U300 can help you produce up to 200 joined frames per hour, all while offering the same choice between freestanding and benchtop use. And this semi-automatic joiner is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for speed so long as you find the right joiner.

4: U400

Despite being a step above the U300 models, the U400 is not designed to beat the U300P in terms of frames created per hour. Instead, this model is designed for low production usage with a specialization in creating larger frames.

With the U400, you can join frames that are up to 5 – 1/2″ wide. And the dual-hand lever makes actually positioning the V-nails on these larger frames very easy and intuitive.

5: U500

Need to produce many frames quickly and the U300P isn’t enough for you? In that case, you may need the U500, which is capable of producing up to 300 joined frames per hour.

This is a production-level device that has special programming. Thanks to this programming, the joiner can perfectly recall and produce frames with a single V-nail, all while retaining perfect consistency and quality.

6: U600

Like the U500, the U600 is capable of producing up to 300 joined frames per hour. However, this device is designed for joining frames that may require fasteners of different sizes as joining frames of common millimeter sizes.

Beyond that difference, you get the same features we love about the U500. That includes the perfect computer recall as well as the capacity for high output production.

Getting the Best Picture Frame Joiners

Now you know what the best picture frame joiners are. But do you know where you can find these joiners and other specialized equipment for artists and manufacturers alike?

At Piel Associates, we offer the equipment and service you’ve been waiting for. To see how we can help your business, just contact us today!