How to Use Our V-Nails: A Brief Guide

How to Use Our V-Nails
Are you working on a framing project that requires v-nails, or are you curious about what v-nails are?
Explore our comprehensive guide on using v-nails for crafting the perfect picture frame. Gain insights into choosing the right type of v-nails and discover the essential tools for a successful installation.
Continue reading to delve into the world of v-nails and master the art of their application for your framing needs. Elevate your framing expertise with Piel Associates.

What Are V-Nails?

V-nails are most commonly known as a type of nail that is used to bind the corners of a picture frame.

These nails are pushed, sharp edge first, into the corner joint of the frame by manual tools. There are several types and sizes of v-nails, available to suit any project you’re completing.

If you’re working with harder wood types such as Walnut, Cherry, Maple, and Ash, you’ll need Hard Power Twist v-nails. Alternatively, if you’re completing a frame using softer wood, such as Cedar, Poplar, and Banak, the Soft Power Twist v-nails will be best for you.

These different types of v-nails also work with materials such as Hard Fiberboard or plastic. The sizes of v-nails range from 5mm to 15mm, offering you a substantial variation to choose from.

Installing v-nails can be difficult, but with the right tools, you won’t have any issues.

Helpful Tools to Install V-Nails With

If you’re new to installing v-nails or use them infrequently, employing a manual tool simplifies the framing process.
A user-friendly option for v-nail installation is a handheld tool with magnetic features, securely holding v-nails. This tool allows you to effortlessly press the staple into the frame.
For frequent v-nail users seeking efficiency, there are specialized joiners and nailers available, providing powerful and seamless v-nail driving into your projects.
These tools are readily available at your local hardware or department store. While it’s possible to insert v-nails into frames without additional tools, doing so may pose challenges and risk splintering the materials you’re working with.
Discover hassle-free v-nail installation with Piel Associates, available at your convenience.

How to Use V-Nails in a Frame

Since v-nails are most commonly used in picture framing, this guide exemplifies how to install v-nails in a frame successfully.

Prepare your project by first cutting your material into 4 frame edges, gathering the v-nails of your choice, having wood glue on hand, and choosing what tool you’ll use.

Installing V-Nails

1. Prepare the edges of your cut frame by applying wood glue on each end and spreading it evenly.

2. Join the glued ends of your frame together.

3. Position your v-nail against the lined-up frame edge.

4. Using a tool you’ve chosen or a hammer, firmly drive the v-nail into the joined edge. Repeat this for all 4 edges of the frame.

5. Add another v-nail towards the center of the joined frame on each side, completing the frame with 8 v-nails installed.

6. Tighten the frame with a band or clamp for at least 30 minutes to let the glue dry.

You’ve now successfully completed a frame with v-nails.

Completing a Project With V-Nails

Whether you’re experienced with v-nails or not, learning more about the nail and what it does is useful. V-nails are great to use when building picture frames.

By consulting our brief guide, you’re able to finish your own project today. If you’re looking for the right v-nails for you, take a look at our page or contact us to get a quote today.