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, Did you know?, Piel AssociatesFletcher-Terry’s interchangeable cutting head technology ensures the FSC Multi-Material Cutter never becomes obsolete, making the FSC an outstanding long-term investment value for your business.

Key Value Points:

  • Never Outdated – Cutting head solutions designed to meet ever-changing cutting demands – no matter what new substrates are introduced to market
  • Grow Your Business – Position your company to capitalize on market crossover trends for continued business growth
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder – Provides cutting efficiencies and speed; can be placed in the same room as a printer, saving valuable floor space
  • Save Money – Reduced cutting errors mean savings on material scrap costs

Product Highlights:

  • Cuts clean and debris-free; no secondary processing
  • Includes Laser Sight Line Cutting Guide, eliminating guess work and costly errors in pre-print or post-printing process
  • Mounts on wall or can be used free-standing
  • ACM V-Groove Cutting for fine adjustment increments and precise depth control
  • Ability to cut aluminum sheets up to .063″ in a single pass
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See the FSC in Action:

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